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Defiance, the third-person shooter MMO from Trion Worlds that just so happens to cross worlds with the new television show on Syfy by the same name, is offering players the chance to have their likeness appear in an upcoming episode of the show.

From the get-go, Trion Worlds has promised that the game and television version of Defiance would cross over in new and interesting ways. Before the show launched, main characters Nolan and Irisa took part in a couple early missions within the game. Eventually they drove out of the game and directly into the TV show. After seeing the Armistice Festival in the Show, players were also able to take part in special Armistice events within the game. The world of Defiance is full of history, and it looks like the developers are intent on cramming as much of it as possible into the game and show.

This latest blending of the worlds, though, will allow a player to have their mug appear within an upcoming episode of the Defiance show. Here are the details directly from Trion:

“The ark hunter earning the most ark salvage per hour (excluding ark salvage earned from the Salvage Matrix) during their time played over the course of the contest will win. Only players who register for the contest and complete both Most Wanted pursuits will be eligible to win. All registrants must complete both the Most Wanted: Competitor and Most Wanted: Rogue’s Gallery in-game pursuits.”

These pursuits will be available in-game from now until noon PDT on May 12. To access them, you simply go to the Goals section of the EGO menu and select them from the list. Rogue’s Gallery has you eliminating various enemies while Competitor tasks you with playing some PvP and Shadow War modes.

Before doing that, however, you’ll want to register for the event. To do that, simply head on over to the official website, fill out the quick entry form, then get to work.