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Destiny Crota's End Raid Still Has A Major Exploit

Previously, there was an exploit in Destiny's Crota's End raid that allowed people to cheat using a little tug on the network cable. Bungie fixed the exploit. Well now there's a new exploit that has people clamoring to exploit the raid like no tomorrow.

Digital Trends has a detailed article up explaining how to exploit Crota's End with a new method for capitalizing on the raid.

The exploit is explained in a video by the LonelyComet. The first thing he mentions is using a Warlock and boosting up the agility to the max, as well as the Balanced Guide trait. You can also use the exploit with a Hunter but instead of focusingo n the Balanced Guide, you'll want to focus on Blink.

As described in the video below, you run to the second lamp post in the raid and then hop on top of it. From there, jump to the bolder just in front of you and you should blast all the way up to the top of the structure. Check it out in the video below.

As mentioned in the video, you just wait for weight of darkness to lift, then head to the designated rock in the video above.

I still, for the life of me, can't figure out why Destiny is still as popular as it is. The game literally puts me to sleep if I watch more than five minutes of it. It's easily one of the most generic looking games out there and the gameplay is so mundane that I just can't figure out how people keep playing.

By comparison, it's hard for me to see how people can keep going at Destiny like a never-ending bag of Lays potato chips. How do you keep playing? Well, some people love to keep playing.

Anyway, I imagine that Bungie is watching this exploit quite closely and will be vigilant in fixing the problem as soon as possible. They were quick to rectify the problem before so expect some swift patching action.

It's one of the downsides to online-only games – you no longer get to maintain the perpetual presence of cheats and exploits. Cheats and exploits in online-only games have a lifespan and usually run out as soon as developers are notified and add it to their to-do list. Just like you're unlikely find an exploit in World of Warcraft in a raid that may have been present a decade or so ago.

As for Destiny, the game is available right now for the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4. Sadly there's no PC version, but if there was there would be plenty more exploits and cheats. Oh well, you'll just have to settle with these minor exploits for the home consoles.

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