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Destiny Player Gets Real-Life Loot From Fiancee

Destiny players weren't able to log into the game on Christmas Day. However, one of these players still managed to score some impressive loot on that day thanks to his creative fiancee.

"My real life Christmas loot from my fiancée is better than the loot I get in Destiny. Top that Cryptarch!!!" Reddit user bulletchocolate said in his post.

His fiancee gave him several gifts along with printed loot windows like you'd see with in-game Destiny items. Each gift had a Destiny-like name and flavor text. For example, she called a box of Starbucks Caffe Mocha "The Starbucks Protocol":

The Starbucks Protocol

A package of Twinkie-like treats, meanwhile, were dubbed "Cakebringer":


One of the t-shirts she made, Heart of Fiancee's Order, came with the longest and funniest flavor text of the bunch:

Heart of Fiancee's OrderThe City is divided. We must unite beneath a single will."Happy wife, happy life' - Xur.Defense +20 hpAttack +250 xpIncrease fatigue +20 fpBonus: for a certain week each month, upgrade (downgrade?) available to Heart of PMS fire.Heart of PMS fireIn that last moment she seemed as wholly luminescent as the Sun, and I wished to be so brave. But I am a smart man, and smart men offer chocolates and warm water bottles.Defense 0 hpAttack +1000 xpIncrease fatigue +200 fpBonus: erratic attacks. Sometimes turns on own user.

You can see the full collection of gifts in the image gallery below.

While not every Destiny player is lucky enough to receive such thoughtful gifts, the entire community will be receiving in-game presents soon. Bungie had planned to give out Christmas gifts but delayed them due to the DDoS attacks on PSN and Xbox Live. They shouldn't be far off now that both networks have been restored, though,

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.