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Speculation about Destiny 2 has been running rampant after gamers slowly started losing interest in the current game. While some within the community had hoped that Destiny 2 would be released this year, it appears as if it may not arrive until 2017.

According to Destructoid, they picked through Activision's latest fourth quarter report and discovered that the company has plans on releasing a new Destiny game in 2017, presumably only for the Xbox One and PS4 (and if we're lucky maybe for PC, too).

According to the fourth quarter presentation, they state...
The Taken King expansion launched in September with record digital attach rates. Over 25 [million] registered users have logged nearly 3 [billion] hours in-game. Large new expansion in 2016 with full game sequel expected to launch in 2017.

They don't reveal anything further beyond that about the sequel, but most gamers expected as much given that Activision and Bungie have a decade's worth of Destiny content to fulfill. So far, they've delivered two-years' worth of content for the game and they plan on rolling out more of it later this year according to the financial report.

Whatever the big new expansion is, it will have to be sizable enough that gamers feel as if this will be a substantial step in keeping them entertained until 2017 rolls around.

One thing that makes me curious about this news is whether or not Destiny 2 will be an actual overhaul or just a slight upgrade on what they've already achieved with the first game? Obviously they aren't going to scrap the game engine and start from scratch, but I do wonder if the upgrade will be closer to what happened between Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 or will be more akin to what Battlefield Hardline was to Battlefield 4?

Previous reports, like the one from Kotaku, had indicated how troubled the original Destiny's development was and how difficult it was to get the game that released in 2014 up and out of the door. The original story was a controversial topic at Bungie but they went with something safer for the game that ended up on store shelves. The question is, will they play it safe for the Destiny sequel or go with something more outlandish?

Playing it safe kind of helped them in a way, given that it made the sci-fi shooter easily accessible to a lot of gamers and as they note in the financial report this helped push player engagement. However, at the same time it also made the game less interesting for some players who decided they would rather play elsewhere. It's a fine balancing act between making something fun and different and making something accessible and entertaining.

We'll see how well Bungie can manage with the sequel when it finally drops sometime in 2017. I do wonder if they will at least unveil the game at this year's E3 with a big stage presence during Sony or Microsoft's conference? I guess we'll find out this June.