This Destiny Gun Actually Functions In Real Life

If you have a fetish for guns, especially guns within guns (gunception style) then you're going to absolutely flip out over a Destiny replica that features an automatic Glock 18C encased inside.

Kotaku spotted the new 3D printed, hand cannon from Bungie's Destiny over on Kirby Downey's page for 3D printed material. You can see the prototype of the hand cannon in action with the work in progress video below.

Downey explains on the site that...

This is a Converted airsoft version of my thorn which I designed. It is made to be a simple shroud which encases an electric CYMA Glock 18C AEP airsoft pistol.The model has space for 3x 5.3 mm Metal dowels. This improves the strength of the model and decreases the risk of it breaking if it gets knocked or dropped.In order to access the batter the thorn has to be dismantled but the rest of the necessary components have ease of access.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to reload the hand cannon in the same way that the characters reload in the game Destiny, you'll probably be disappointed to find that the entire thing has to be dismantled and the battery has to be separately replaced in the Glock in order to recharge it. As you can see in the video above, it fires really fast – so not only is the illusion of the gun's reloading broken but it doesn't even fire like the one from the game.

Browsing through the comment section, there's some really interesting alternatives that users offered for Downey to employ to make the gun more real-to-life to the version featured in Bungie's sci-fi shooter. Some suggested that a C02 airsoft revolver like the Swiss Arms .357 Magnum.

Some argued that the revolver wouldn't be as efficient as the Glock in an actual, competitive airsoft match. Others argued that if you're going to cosplay an airsoft gun you may as well cosplay it right by encasing the proper gun into the printed mold.

I actually have to side with the pro-revolver group on this one. It's a little off-putting seeing an automatic Glock encased within a giant, clunky looking, space-age revolver firing at blinding rates. I can't suspend my disbelief to think it's cool. If the 3D printed hand cannon from Destiny actually encased a C02 revolver I think it would not only look more accurate to the gun in Bungie's shooter, but it would also have near 1:1 functionality.

This isn't to say that Kirby Downey's work isn't impeccable; because it is. Downey previously opened up the community to his work on Destiny's hand cannon back in January, so it's nice to see that he's taken a 3D printed design and managed to turn it into a functional airsoft weapon.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.