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Destiny Iron Banner Returns Tomorrow With These Rewards

Destiny's first patch in 2015 was released this morning on all consoles. The update paves the way for the return of Iron Banner while also fixing some major issues in the Crota's End raid.

Iron Banner will launch on 1 AM PST on Tuesday. Players will once again have access to the special Iron Banner playlist. In these matches, players' gear ratings will affect how much damage they can dish out or withstand.

The playlist now features three more maps: The Anomaly, Asylum, The Burning Shrine. These maps were also introduced to the Clash and Control playlists with today's update.

Two level 32 weapons can drop for players during these matches. These random drops are the sniper rifle Efrideet's Spear and auto rifle Silimar's Wrath. If you're not happy with the randomized upgrades, note that the NPC Lord Saladin in the Tower can reroll them for a cost.

Speaking of Lord Saladin, he's also offering gear to players who earn enough event standing through Iron Banner matches. Here's the full list of rewards with links:

Today's hotfix also boosts Vault of Glass's Exotic weapon drops to level 32. Between Iron Banner and Vault of Glass, you should have an easier time gearing up for Crota's End.

You'll have a harder time in Crota's End, though, now that many of the big exploits are closed. You won't be able to skip sections of the raid or cheese the final boss. Bungie's tired of people soloing the raid, it seems. Here are the full list of changes for Crota's End:


  • Treasure chests now contain Radiant Materials
  • The existing Pit treasure chest reward has moved to killing Ir Yut, the Deathsinger

Pit Encounter

  • Pillars of Light no longer launch players into the air when they explode

Bridge Encounter

  • Players will now be required to cross the bridge in order to complete the bridge encounter
  • Players will now be required to wait for the bridge to be completed prior to crossing with the sword

Deathsinger Encounter

  • Fixed a rare case where the Shriekers would not spawn, preventing players from reaching the Deathsinger
  • The Deathsinger now has a chance to drop Exotic weapons and armor, class pieces, and Radiant materials

Crota Encounter

  • Two Swordbearers will no longer spawn at the same time at the outset of the encounter
  • Crota will now recover from his kneeling state after a player quits
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to remove the “Presence of Crota” using a Radiance Warlock’s Fireborn ability
  • Fixed a bug that made the Oversoul appear destroyed to some players in a Fireteam when it was actually still active

Bungie plans to release the hard mode for Crota's End soon to give players an added challenge. They've also got several other DLC packs on the way later in the year.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.