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Everybody has Destiny fever this week, and Bungie is celebrating with the first round of special events hosted within the game…Oh, and they’re starting today, so read up us quickly as possible and jump back into the fight, Guardian.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that all non-fans of Destiny are pretty sick of hearing about it. We’ve had big discussions leading up to the launch of the game, post-beta wrap ups and, as of yesterday, even a look at some of the critical reception.

For those enjoying Bungie’s new uber-shooter, however, it’s likely that you simply can’t get enough of this game, and that’s exactly the crowd we’re looking to talk to here. You guys and gals will be interested to know that Destiny will be home to numerous events throughout its life cycle, the first of which begins this weekend.

We all knew that Destiny was going to be a game that evolves over time. Like any MMO-infused game, it’s going to evolve over time. Chances are pretty good that the Destiny people are playing next year will be vastly different than the one they are playing today. The biggest changes are coming in the form of regular title updates. These bad boys are going to be massive, which explains the rather hefty price tag being attached to the first two announced DLC packs. They’ll include brand new story chapters, as well as new gear, multiplayer modes, maps and who knows what else.

Outside of these big updates, however, Bungie aims to make Destiny a living world. Some parts of the Tower, for instance, will only be open during particular events. The first of which, according to a recent news post, runs from today, Sept. 12, through Sept. 14.

The event is a special Salvage game mode for the Crucible, which will let online multiplayer fans tackle a special paylist in order to get new gear, Marks and Reputation. Here’s the blurb to go along with the event, which can be found alongside all of the other modes in the multiplayer menu.

“Guardians fight to claim and salvage relics on small to medium sized maps in this intense 3vs objective mode,” reads the announcement. “Secure the relics. Disrupt enemy probes. Destroy the opposition.”

The Vault of Glass event has also been announced for Sept. 16, which opens up a dangerous as all hell level 26 raid.

“No one knows what lies within the Vault of Glass, only that beyond its gates you will face the greatest challenge yet,” reads the announcement. “Gather your Light. Stand together. Become legend.”

More mystery events are already being hinted at, too, including a Combined Arms multiplayer playlist in September (vehicles galore!), another event in September called “Queen’s Wrath,” and one for October called “Iron Banner.” Assuming Iron Banner is the same as in the beta, that’ll pit players against each other without their gear being “normalized.” Your gear and your abilities are as strong as you’ve grown them, so get ready for a true challenge.

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