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Update: Bungie has decided to extend the alpha a bit longer.

Original article: Destiny's alpha test is launching this afternoon on the PS4. Bungie confirmed today that the test will be larger than expected.

PS4 owners with PlayStation Plus membership were able to register for the alpha test at GreatnessAwaits.com this week. The deadline for registration was last night, though.

If you did manage to sign up before the deadline, you'll get a chance to play Destiny. Fansite Guardians of Destiny spoke with Bungie at E3 and confirmed that everyone who registered will get an alpha key:

It's unclear whether all of these invites will be sent out before the alpha test starts. It's possible that Bungie will give them out in waves to make sure the servers can handle the load.

Destiny's alpha will commence at noon PDT today. If you already got into an earlier alpha test, you won't need to wait for a new email invite. This access should carry over into the latest alpha phase.

The alpha test lets you create a character from one of the game's three classes. Each possesses their own distinct set of special abilities that they can use in addition to various firearms. You can customize the character's appearance in many different ways, including their race, hair color and bone structure.

Once you're in the alpha, you can sample many different aspects of the game. You can undertake story-based missions throughout Earth alone or with friends. Alternately, you can explore these mission areas to pick up side quests. The Crucible, the game's competitive multiplayer hub, is also available if you want to test your skills against fellow humans.

Through defeating enemies and completing missions, you'll earn XP to level up and earn new abilities. You start the alpha at level 4 and can advance up to level 8. During your adventures you'll also find new armor and weapons for your character. New equipment can be purchased at your base, the Tower, as well.

If you don't get into the alpha, you'll still have a chance to try out Destiny before launch. Bungie will hold a beta test in July. Keys will be given out to pre-order customers.

Destiny's launch will follow in September. The game will be offered as part of a white PS4 bundle.

Are you playing Destiny's alpha this weekend?
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