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Patch 1.0.2, the much-needed update for Destiny's loot system, is now live in the game. This patch makes Engrams less frustrating and also makes some unexpected changes to the Crucible.

The Crucible fixes concern two maps, Bastion and First Light. Bungie has noticed that they're a bit overused in PvP. They've reduced the time limit on each map from 15 to 12 in Control and Clash modes, making them consistent with other non-vehicle maps. Furthermore, Bastion and First Light now have lower weighting in those playlists so you won't see them quite so often.

The biggest changes in Patch 1.0.2, however, are targeted toward Engrams. Rare (blue) Engrams now award items that are Rare or better. The chance of them becoming Legendary gear has been increased, too. Legendary (purple) Engrams will now be decoded into Legendary quality items or higher.

"Legendary Engrams that exist in your inventory will change to Rare quality items when the patch is applied," Bungie says. "However, decoding these engrams will still produce the same results as before."

Players will also get loot more consistently. Rare and Legendary Engrams have been added to the rewards pool for Daily Heroic missions, weekly Heroic missions and the Vanguard: Tiger Strike playlist.

Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy, meanwhile, have been upgraded to Legendary quality. This doesn't actually change how they function at all. However, it's a more accurate classification because these currencies are used to upgrade Legendary or Exotic equipment. Hopefully this small changes makes things slightly less confusing for players.

The Patch 1.0.2 notes also mention one pending bug. Players who choose a higher difficulty for their daily missions currently don't see the XP bonus for that difficulty level. Bungie says that this is solely a display problem, though, as the bonuses will be rewarded normally.

Hopefully this patch does enough to fix Destiny's loot situation. Progression after level 20 in the game is solely driven by players finding better equipment. The poor returns on Engrams prior to update 1.0.2 made this progression very prone to luck. It's no surprise that many players took to simply camping caves for hours on end to get as many Engrams as possible.

Destiny players have added incentive to rustle up loot this week. The Iron Banner playlist will be returning to the Crucible in a few days. These matches differ from other PvP battles in that players' offensive and defensive stats actually impact their effectiveness. You'd better find some nice gear to wear during Iron Banner or someone's going to tear you apart with a Vex Mythoclast.

Will this patch fix Destiny's loot system?

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