Destiny will continue to evolve once The Taken King expansion launches on Sept. 15, adding more to the game than just new gear, Strikes and the like. One of the big cosmetic changes will be to the way quests are handed out and managed, which comes as welcome news for folks who like to keep up with their Guardians’ progress on the fly.

At this point, Destiny has had two pretty meaty expansions added to the core game, both offering new content, missions, quest givers and the like. With The Taken King expansion promising even more of those objectives to juggle, it looks like Bungie is taking the opportunity to introduce a new quest tracking system, allowing players to more easily keep track of their various achievements, goals and the like.

We don’t have any super concrete details on how this new system will work at the moment, but a handful of hints were revealed earlier today through the Bungie blog. Creative Director Luke Smith was on hand, dishing details on what players can expect once the latest update drops later this summer.

Smith opens by stating that, in Destiny’s first year, Exotic Bounty chains proved to be content that players really seemed to enjoy. More importantly, Smith demonstrates that the team has dissected why that is, and is promising similar implementation once The Taken King rolls out.
These Bounties took you on a journey through multiple activities—which in the best cases had flashes of unique moments—and ended with rewards players cared about. In many ways, these were the earliest tendrils of how we’d come to think about Quests in Destiny. Quests are an arrangement of activities and challenges that tell a story and represent a journey to the player.

Fault Bungie all you want for air-headed public comments and questionable pricing, but you can’t deny that the developer is listening to its players. Even that DLC debacle that’s gotten so much press was the direct result of Bungie hearing a concern and trying to respond to it. The fact that their response included $20 for cosmetic items is unfortunate (and damned stupid), but at least it was an attempt at addressing an issue.

It sounds like this new quest system is another example of that type of reactive design, only this time likely to be far better received. Players want more unique moments and interesting gameplay types, and it sounds like the new quests will attempt to deliver exactly that.

The Taken King was built with Quests in mind, but we didn’t want to ignore the Year One content in this global change,” Smith continues. “So as a part of this update, we’ve taken all Destiny content and—for lack of a better term— ‘questified’ it.”

To that end, players’ Quest page will see some big changes. For starters, there will be an increase in the number of Bounties you can carry (One screenshot appears to offer 14 slots now). Can I get an amen? Both Quests and Bounties will now be tracked in the HUD, and completed Bounties will now be turned in from the Quests screen. Finally, your various Reputations will now be moved to the Quests page, instead of their current location in Inventory.

Smith explained that these are just the first details concerning all of the changes coming to mission management, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.
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