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The Prison of Elders launched yesterday, Destiny's tough new post-game challenge boasting hordes of unrelenting enemies, unstoppable bosses *record scratch* and it's already been beaten on its highest setting by a trio of Guardians.

Destiny's House of Wolves expansion dropped yesterday morning, bringing with it all of the usual DLC trimmings including new story missions, loads of new gear, new multiplayer maps, a new social location and a couple of side distractions for you and your two best buds. While the Trials of Osiris pit a trio of players against the masses in a weekly ladder of online competition, the Prison of Elders tasks said players to work their way through five levels of increasingly difficult enemies and boss fights. As the Destiny reddit is reporting, apparently the first team to achieve this task on the game's highest difficulty setting has been named: MiniWayWay, So HMO2 and The HMO5.

The trio got together and decided to take on the Prison of Elders at its highest setting on launch day. This new game mode actually takes the place of a new Raid in the House of Wolves expansion, trading long, semi-complicated dives into a massive dungeon for long, pretty straight-forward murder parties through loads of enemies.

If you're like me and you hate the game's lack of matchmaking in many cooperative areas, you'll be happy to know that the Prison of Elders actually allows for teaming up with randos at level 28. Bungie apparently still believes that you need to be on a close, personal connection with your teammates to tackle the game's bigger challenges, however, so you'll need to team up with actual friends if you hope to take on the level 32, 34 or 35 versions of the Prison.

For you eagle-eyed members of the audience, you'll notice that 35 is an interesting number, as the House of Wolves only moves the player level cap up to 34. In other words, playing that mode means you'll already start the round with a huge mark against you, namely a 33 percent knock to all of your damage.

Despite those odds, though, the trio managed to pull through, each member dying dozens of times along the way. While they eventually earned a clean run and got the mission's end screen, they actually managed to earn a victory earlier on in their campaign but, because the last player died at the same moment as the final boss, they had to try again. Here's a look at that painful “not quite there” moment.

So, how is everyone enjoying Destiny's House of Wolves so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.
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