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Today Capcom revealed when the controversial reboot of Devil May Cry. The reboot, simply entitled DmC, will be arriving on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in North America and Europe on January 15th.

January is generally a slow month for gaming releases, as most people are still busy playing through their holiday gifts. Still, Capcom's not just sneaking the game into stores. They mention that they've released many high-profile games in that month before, including Resident Evil 4 and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

DmC, the fifth game in the series, is the first Devil game not being developed by Capcom. Instead, they've handed the project off to Heavenly Sword studio Ninja Theory. The game stars a teenage Dante in the mysterious and deadly Limbo City.

Dante looks dramatically different in DmC. He's younger and has short black hair. These changes, though seemingly harmless, provoked strong backlash among fans. In fact, a few people even sent Ninja Theory death threats.

Assuming no one murders the development team, they'll also release a PC version. The PC edition won't be arriving alongside its console counterparts unfortunately. Capcom says you can expect it later in 2013.

DmC is one of the games Capcom will be showing off at E3 next month so expect more details on the game soon.

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