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Codemaster’s DiRT 3 will be the first rally racing game to feature the aggressive Gymkhana race mode, as developed and performed by rally car driver, Ken Block. To celebrate the announcement of the new mode a new trailer and a few screenshots were let loose to show gamers just how this whole Gymkhana thing goes down.

Ken Block shared a few of his own thoughts about the new mode, saying…
“I had a blast working with the guys on last year’s Colin McRae: DiRT 2, and with the introduction of Gymkhana to DiRT 3 we’re pushing both the series and racing games forward,” ... “I love doing the gymkhana videos, and it’s so great to work with Codemasters to give players that unique sensation of pushing a car to its limits while hooning about. With the video upload function, maybe I’ll get some competition from gamers!”

Sounds like a challenge? Not that I’ll be meeting that challenge, but it definitely sounds like a challenge to all you noobs out there who think you can out-perform Ken at his own game. You can check out the new screenshots of the Gym3 mode below or head on over to the Official Website to scope out the new videos. DiRT 3 is set to release in 2011.

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