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DiRT Showdown Release Date Announced, Demo Coming Next Week

Codemasters confirmed today that they'll be launching DiRT Showdown in May. They've provided specific dates and also announced details on a single-player and multiplayer demo coming soon.

Showdown will debut in mainland Europe on May 24th. The UK will receive it on the following day. The United States release is scheduled for the 29th.

You won't have to wait that long to try out the game, though. A demo for Showdown will be available throughout the world starting on May 1st on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The demo's said to have both a single-player and multiplayer event.

Launching alongside the demo is a new online hub called RaceNet. RaceNet will help connect the player communities for Codemaster Racing Games. Players can use it to track their performance, see how their friends/rivals are doing, and check how they close they are to new rewards.

Rounding out today's news is a brand new trailer. This video provides gameplay footage of the stunts you can pull off during Showdown's "Hoonigan" game modes.

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