Diablo 3's Original Design Will Be Used In Marvel Heroes

David Brevik suffered a public humiliation at the hands of Jay Wilson, when the lead designer of Diablo III said to “f*ck that loser” in a public Facebook post. Well, after Jay Wilson got a good lambasting from the Diablo community and apologized to Brevik, it's now become apparent that Brevik 's upcoming ARPG, Marvel Heroes was always destined to be the real Diablo III and the outrage from Wilson has worked as a wonderful platform to help Brevik sell his new game.

According to Now Gamer, Brevik stated that...

"We've got a lot of team members here that are working on Marvel Heroes that worked on Diablo 2, including me, and so in a lot of ways it is."This is originally the design that we wanted to make" ..."not using Marvel but from a gameplay standpoint, and is very, very similar to what we were thinking about for Diablo 3."

That's a cool thing to know. The upcoming MMO, Marvel Heroes, will be an isometric action-RPG that focuses on looting and grinding just like Diablo, but the main difference is that there will be a slightly stronger focus on multiplayer and potentially story. But the real kicker is that gamers will finally get a game similar to what the original vision of Diablo III (gameplay wise) would have been had it been designed by Blizzard North.

Brevik further stated that...

"I've taken what I learned in Diablo 1 and made in Diablo 2,"... "[and we are taking] some of the stuff that we wanted to do in Diablo 2 and that we were going to do in Diablo 3 but now I'm putting it in Marvel Heroes.""So in a lot of ways this is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2,"

This is a reiteration of what was mentioned before, how Marvel Heroes was going to be the spiritual successor to Diablo II. This is mostly due to the fact that die-hard Diablo fanboys feel as if Diablo III was such a farcry from what helped establish the series as a respectable ARPG series.

One of the neat things they have in store for Marvel Heroes, and something that was scratched from Diablo III was something called BattleNet Town, a hub of sorts which is now a standard in most instanced-based MMOs.

Brevik talked a little bit about this feature, saying...

"You never really were in a chat room," Brevik said, "you were actually in the world at all times. So you were running around town, there were other people around and you were interacting with them, trading and chatting with them."It was basically a graphic chat room,

Well hopefully it all works out well for Marvel Heroes. It would be a lie to say that the game hasn't picked up some sort of steam from the backlash against Diablo III, so maybe Brevik and crew will make good on the renewed interest in this ARPG and deliver. Otherwise, it could be Hellgate: London all over again.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.