Soon after DmC hits stores, Capcom will release the game's first downloadable content. Vergil's Downfall adds a new adventure starring Vergil, the twin brother of Dante.

The Vergil DLC is said to be the "untold story" of Vergil. Players will be able to guide him through several hours of new gameplay. The adventure, with new weapons, locations and enemies, will be playable in four difficulty levels.

Capcom has taken some criticism from gamers for charging extra for on-disc content. The fact that Vergil's Downfall will be arriving soon after launch will make it susceptible to this criticism. After all the PR damage they took from previous games' DLC, though, I suspect Capcom will be smart enough to avoid putting any of this content on the DmC disc.

Downfall will cost 720 MS Points, or $9. If you pre-order through GameStop in the USA or EB Games in Canada, though, you'll be able to download it for free.

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