In the first week of November, Brutal Legend received its first DLC, a multiplayer map pack called "Tears of the Hextadon." If Double Fine has their druthers, more content will be released for the game in the future.

"We definitely want to do more DLC for both single-player and multiplayer, as well as some tuning patches," Double Fine boss Tim Schafer told GamePro in an interview.

When he says "tuning", he means adjusting the relative power of the multiplayer units. "Watching people play Brutal Legend makes it seem that certain units might be overpowered, like some players will just spam Fire Barons. It's an interesting issue because you can counter that strategy by using Skull Rakers or double-teaming with a Razor Girl or Bride, so we're testing to see if people are learning to use those counters and once we find the exact tuning tweak to make it perfect we'll implement it in a patch."

Schafer doesn't mention when we could expect a patch or this extra content. In the interview he also discusses the Brutal's development and its reception so if you're at all interested in the game, go check 'er out.

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