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If you want to talk about moving a franchise forward fast look no further than anything coming out of BioWare’s studios. The upcoming, mammoth-sized RPG , Dragon Age: Origins, will be on the receiving end of new apparel deals and even some replica weapons. I guess the Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons best watch out, because it looks like a new form of nerd-based fandom is on the way.

In a recent interview with The Game Reviews, Executive Produce for Dragon Age: Origins, Mark Darrah let loose the news that in addition to current apparel for the game being offered on the BioWare site, new deals are being made for a clothing line of Dragon Age: Origins gear. He stated that…

We have apparel deals. We are working with a company to potentially get swords made. We also are working on comic book, and a few other things just in a planning phase at the moment.

In addition to getting all this cool swag out there for Dragon Age: Origins, Darrah also revealed that the company will plan on supporting downloadable content for the game for up to two years. Now that’s what I call support.

You can check out the entire interview over at The Game Reviews, for more gaming news, updates, info and media, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.