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What exactly is a Dragon's Prophet? Is it a human who makes prophecies for and about large, fire-breathing beasts, or is it a scholarly dragon that is, itself, a prophet? Those questions and more will be answered on Sept. 18, as that has been announced as the official release date for Dragon's Prophet across Europe and the United States.

Infernum Productions AG and Sony Online Entertainment announced this weekend that their upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, Dragon's Prophet will be available late next month, giving players the opportunity to explore a massive new world, take on quests and interact with dragons on the PC for exactly zero dollars.

Coming from the same folks behind the popular Runes of Magic, Dragon's Prophet promise a game that “combines all aspects of a modern role-playing game and revolutionize the genre.” We're looking at more than 300 dragons to fight, ride and interact with, allowing the player to customize their own winged monster however they see fit.

Currently in open beta, the developers are implementing all of the usual fixes, tweaks and enhancements in order to get it ready for the Sept. 18 launch. Upon launch, players will be able to utilize a brand new “frontier system,” opening up massive cross-server PvP battles. But that's only the tip of the iceberg, according to Infernum's Andreas Weidenhaupt.

“Thanks to the help of thousands of passionate beta testers and the tireless efforts of everyone involved, we are now close to the next milestone in Dragon's Prophet,” Weidenhaupt said. “...We will now continuously improve the performance, address balancing issues and rework all zones as well as the 30 dungeons we already released. When the game launches, we will deliver an additional zone, as well as the long-awaited frontier system with its epic cross-server PvP battles.”

SOE's John Smedley agreed, saying that Dragon's Prophet will offer everything you could want in an MMO, including intense combat, unique end-game content and more.

When the game launches, players will be able to tackle the main story from three initial starting areas. From there, you'll be able to venture out to the game's eight main zones with a hero derived from four main classes, each with their own skills, masteries, dragons, etc.

Currently, Dragon's Prophet offers more than 2,000 quests to fly through, multiple Grand Cities to explore, 30-plus dungeons and all sorts of dragon interaction systems, including training, leveling, skill-exchange and gathering.

For those who have grown tired of simplistic “click-and-kill” combat, Dragon's Prophet offers an action-based system with loads of combos to master, as well as 50 skills your dragon can unleash.

You can bone up on all of the lore and systems by visiting the game's official website. Otherwise, get ready for Dragon's Prophet to set the MMO world ablaze come Sept. 18.

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