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This week's latest offerings from the PlayStation Network are all about two speeds: Sneaking about carefully and careening down a track at breakneck speeds. From stalking killer aliens to driving souped up sports cars, there's a little something for everyone no matter how fast you prefer to travel.

Last week we announced the upcoming titles for October's PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection, four of which are being made available to subscribers the same day they release on PSN. We might as well kick things off with one of the most anticipated PS4 titles of the year, Driveclub. Originally slated as a launch title for Sony's new console, Driveclub was pushed back in order to make sure the game turned out to be everything that was promised.

It's taken nearly an extra year in the oven to get here, but now Driveclub is revving its engine at the starting line, ready to roll. While the entire game is available at retail and on the digital marketplace starting this week, Driveclub: PlayStation Plus Edition will become available Tuesday afternoon to everyone utilizing Sony's subscription service. All game modes will be available in this sampling, along with nearly a dozen tracks and cars. Not bad as an extra bonus game for the month.

Also launching on the PS4 this week alongside its Plus debut is Dust: An Elysian Tail. Formerly an Xbox 360 exclusive, players will navigate a Metroidvania style world as a nimble cat-warrior-thing, dispatching foes as they search for their true identity, according to the PlayStation Blog. The PS4 version of Spelunky also launches as a Plus title this week, so owners of the home console can finally see what it's like to inch forward a little bit at a time, learning all of the secrets of an unforgiving cavern where death waits at every turn.

Over on the PlayStation Vita, the Snake meets Pac-Man mix known as Pix the Cat is also launching this week as a Plus title, alongside the first non-Plus game we're talking about the is week, the PSone Classic action game, Strider 2.

For those of you who want to find out if nobody truly can hear you scream in space, Alien: Isolation finally arrives this week, alongside the PS4 version of the two-button fighting game, Divekick. As we mentioned yesterday, Jet Car Stunts finally speeds onto the PS3 and Vita this week, with NBA 2K15 launching on the PS4 and PS3.

The last game to launch this week is another one that will have players moving forward oh-so-carefully, as Styx: Master of Shadows puts you in control of a tricky orc looking to infiltrate a mysterious tower.

Look for all of that and more to arrive in this week's batch of new arrivals this Tuesday afternoon for PlayStation consoles.

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