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Dungeon Defenders Free On Xbox 360 For March

You can never say that Microsoft is stingy and uncharitable. They will, at times, open their curtain and allow the peasants and small folk to step into their abode; allowing, on occasion, for the experience of great things... for free.

Today Microsoft and Reverb Publishing are announcing that Trendy Entertainment's Dungeon Defenders will be part of the Xbox Live's Games With Gold program starting from Today and going to March 31st. The game, unfortunately, won't come free with the DLC packs, so you will have to buy all the good parts separately. Also, since the console rendition lacks Steam Workshop support, you won't gain access to all the free DLC that other players have made available on the PC version. Shame really, living the life of peasantry.

Never the less, Microsoft has gone and done a service for gamers: they included direct links where you can purchase the DLC for Dungeon Defenders to make it a complete game.

You can buy the Quest for the Eternal Shards Part 1: Mistymire Forest right here for $3.99.

You can buy the Quest for the Eternal Shards Part 2: Morrago right here for $3.99 (and yes, each of them must be bought separately).

You can buy the Quest for the Eternal Shards Part 3: Aquanos right here for $3.99 (it's getting expensive now, isn't it?).

You can buy the Quest for the Eternal Shards Part 4: Sky City right here for $3.99 (the wallet is feeling the burn now, eh?).

Now, I do have to admit that this tower-defense RPG is loads of fun. However, it's so much better with all the DLC intact. It's quite a shame because you won't ever get the full story or content without it, including some very rare (and fun) weapons and character skins.

This is also an exceptionally addictive game, so you might have to pace yourself if you happen to find three extra friends to play alongside with you, either in split-screen mode or via online co-op.

If you haven't purchased the game already but you have Xbox Live Gold, it's not a bad deal to grab the game for free from Xbox Live while you can. Of course, even free you're still missing a lot of the content and value you would otherwise get from the PC version, but for a fun console outing, Dungeon Defenders isn't half-bad at all. Also, you're at least getting a heck of a lot more for free than poor 'ole Xbox One owners.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.