In what is perhaps one of the most creative posts to ever grace the PlayStation Blog, Shawn McGrath has announced the July 17 release of his trippy, music-infused sensory overload of a game, Dyad.

Dyad is a hard game to describe. It’s reminiscent of titles like Rez, but with a unique twist on the psychedelic gameplay. Rather than even try to make sense of it, I’ll just let you take a gander with your own peepers instead.

If your eyes are still duly intact and your head didn't swivel off your shoulders, do you see what I mean? Dyad looks absolutely bananas, and I mean that in the best way possible. Coming in at 1080p and 60fps with wholly uncompressed audio, it’s not hard to imagine sitting down to play this with eyes growing steadily wider and mouth dropping open thanks to the constant sensory assault.

Dyad will release exclusively to the PlayStation Network on July 17 for $14.99. It’ll include 27 campaign stages, 26 “tactical freakout” Trophy levels (complete with a Platinum trophy), and an additional 26 Remix levels to keep players’ eyes and ears bleeding.

If you’ve ever wanted to take an acid trip without actually imbibing illegal narcotics, this might be just the ticket.

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