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Dying Light Loot Cave Pokes Fun At Destiny

One of the most played games of 2014 was Bungie's Destiny. The game is hugely popular even if some of us feel it can grow to be a bit tedious. Well, Techland decided to poke a little a fun at Destiny by having the game mimic the loot cave from Bungie's sci-fi shooter.

Over on the Xbox One sub-Reddit, there's a spoiler post about someone finding a nice little loot cave tucked away. Zachy Willz writes...

“You are presented with a server message that says "Your destiny is to become legend. Obtain more loot" then infinitely spawning zombies come out from caves and after all are killed it says "Enough! Patch 1.0.2 has been released! Do more quests!"

Well doesn't that sound awfully familiar?

A YouTuber named Gaming Spite has an actual clip of the event, which you can view below.

The video above provides a detailed description on how to get to the loot cave and what you can expect when you do get there.

It's not surprising that there would be last minute references to some popular games in a title like Dying Light since it was moved to an early 2015 release. Originally it was slated to compete with the big boys and girls during the 2014 fall line-up, which would have saw Dying Light fending for its own market space against the likes of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Unity and Far Cry 4, Activision's own Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as well as Electronic Arts' Dragon Age Inquisition.

The competition was real.

The delay was definitely for the best, as it gave Techland and Warner Bros. Entertainment time to fix up, solidify and maximize the potential quality for Dying Light.

The game almost ran into some controversy during its release, however, as review embargoes were set in place for the day the game launched, but review codes for the game weren't sent out until the day the game launched. Of course, game reviewers didn't have to worry about breaking the embargo because they didn't have codes in which to break the embargo with.

Nevertheless, Dying Light managed to secure some fairly positive early impressions coverage, as most reviewers were impressed with what the game had to offer based on what they played.

The game itself is an open-world, parkour-based zombie survival game where day and night changes the way you experience the game. During the day you have a lot of standard zombies to deal with and a number of side-quests to tackle. At night, players will have to contend with some very dangerous creatures and mutants that radically change the way the game is played.

Dying Light also sports four-player cooperative play and asymmetric competitive play, similar to Evolve. So if you wanted a decent, zombie co-op game, Dying Light aims to fulfill that measure, too. You can pick up a copy of the game right now for the Xbox One, PS4 or PC.

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