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Microsoft's controller-free gaming device Natal seems to be an attempt to woo "casual" gamers who might otherwise buy a Wii. However, Microsoft thinks it'll have plenty to offer hardcore gamers as well.

"We'll have games that are specifically designed to work only with Natal - not just arcadey games, but real, hardcore, triple-A titles," Natal director Alex Kipman told Eurogamer. "Then you'll have some games that are essentially a hybrid - games that work both with the controller and with Natal. Why is that interesting? Think about a first-person shooter where I'm using the controller but I'm doing facial tracking by just moving around and looking round corners."

Kipman also says that some multiplayer games will allow individual players to choose whether they use a controller or Natal. Natal would thus act as a bridge between hardcore and casual gamers. "I could be having my Halo experience with the controller and the friend next to me, who's not a hardcore gamer, could be throwing grenades or driving the Warthog or doing any number of things with Natal."

Should they manage to pull this off, it sounds like it'll be pretty awesome. Who wouldn't love teaching their grandma how to play Halo?