Though Microsoft would sure like it if you buy a lot of Xbox 360 games, they're giving you plenty of reasons to just muck around on Xbox Live itself. They detailed a few of the new features coming to their online service in today's E3 conference.

Starting this fall, players will be able to update their Twitter account through their Xbox 360. They'll also be able to use Facebook and all of its associated features like photos, status updates, friends, and messaging. Finally, a way to tell other Xbox Live users that your current relationship status is "complicated."

A few new ways to enjoy music and video on Xbox Live were revealed as well. Later this year, all Xbox Live Gold subscribers will have access to the music service The Video Marketplace for Xbox 360 will be relaunched as the Zune Store and will offer instant streaming video in 1080p HD. In addition, a new Live Party feature will allow you and other users (or their avatars, anyway) to sit in a room and watch videos together.

All of this is nice but for me, pales in comparison to the gaming-related announcements. That's my gamer nature shining through, though. This stuff isn't really designed to woo folks like me.

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