During this year's semi-explosive E3, Sony unveiled a brand new game for the EyeToy called Book of Spells. It's sort of Sony's version of Milo, that Peter Molyneux game that was supposed to headline "Project Natal" but instead ended up falling by the wayside as the game pedophiles wish they could play.

Book of Spells is a game directly associated with J.K. Rowling and is scheduled to release later this year during the holiday rush. To further help promote the game Sony released four brand new gameplay screenshots featuring the Book of Spells in action.

The game itself involves teaching kids how to cast spells. If you're all right with your kid dabbling in practical magic then that's exactly what you'll find here: there is some wand swirling, some wand twirling, and some wand whizzing, enabling future wizards to perform a number of wand-ballet movements to prep them for the harder challenges in life that wizards, warlocks, mages and magicians must deal with.

There are only four screenshots available but it gives you a general idea of how the product will look when playing it using the EyeToy. The actual E3 demonstration didn't quite go over so well with the audience there who seen one failed attempt after another of trying to get a simple fire spell right, but it was mildly entertaining nonetheless.

You can check out the new screenshots below or look for the game to launch exclusively for the PlayStation 3 this fall.

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