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An assassin motorbike machine is not a commonly known means of taking out evil doers, bad guys or baby snatchers, however Twisted Pixel is giving gamers a brand new kind of experience with LocoCycle, which focuses on...well, we don't know what it focuses on.

Twisted Pixel is probably best known for Ms. Splosion and the recently released GunStringer, which was an interesting Kinect-based game. As for LocoCycle, the teaser trailer hints at explosive gameplay but you would never be able to tell just by looking at the trailer.

Based on the teaser I'm guessing gamers will paired up with a robotic female motorcycle companion who can whip out the big guns, blast down enemies and overcome highway terrorists.

The game is completely shrouded in mystery and Microsoft and Twisted Pixel did a grand fantastic job of keeping the whole thing a secret. On Twisted Pixel's official website they mention that there's nothing that they're going to reveal right now other than the teaser trailer, so um, yeah. We have no idea what LocoCycle will be, but at least it has a cool Tron-looking motorcycle attached.

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