What would E3 be without some kind of casual Kinect game? Well, it wouldn't be E3...not for Microsoft anyway. A new XBLA title is on the way this summer called Wreckateer, it's a gesture-based demolition game featuring various exploding castles.

The E3 walkthrough video gives you a brief glimpse at the way Wreckateer is played as well as the release window for the game.

Essentially, since it's Kinect based, you don't need a controller and movement is kept to a minimum. Players mostly open and close their arms as well as make rotary movements to change the spin or direction of the wrecking balls as they catapult in the air to destroy various parts of the castle. Check it out in the walkthrough below.

As a budget-priced title I can imagine that game doing quite well amongst family oriented households. I'm not entirely sure that any core gamer looking for a fun pastime game would turn to something like Wreckateer, but still, it at least doesn't look all that bad. The fact that you can spend that much time and energy into destroying stuff will definitely appeal to people who enjoy...well...destroying stuff.

The game will be available shortly, exclusively for the Xbox Kinect via Xbox Live. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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