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EA Expects PS4, Xbox One To Ship 10 Million Units By March, 2014

If you've been following next-generation console news, you know that gamers are absolutely geeked about one of the upcoming systems from Sony and Microsoft. Electronic Arts believes that by the time March, 2014 rolls around, both consoles will have a combined sell-through total of 10 million SKUs.

MCV UK is reporting that EA let the news slip through the lips of their chief operating officer, Peter Moore, while he was smoking a stogie with a Benjamin Franklin, telling Seeking Alpha that...

"When I talked to our friends at both Sony and Microsoft, and I'm trying to get some indications in the numbers that are going to be available for sale by the end of our fiscal year on March 31st and I aggregate them, I think I can squint and see ten million units combined, very easily,"

10 million units combined? Very easily? Well, if you hazard honesty in the written word, one might surmise that he means Sony will have shipped 9.3 million stock keeping units and Microsoft will have sold off the pre-orders to their remaining 700,000 fans, bringing the total to 10 million. I believe that's what Moore meant to say.

As it stands, the PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One in a disproportionate manner, so much so that it's like comparing album sales between Kanye West and DMX... most never heard of the latter and those that do, don't care.

Microsoft, right now, is in an uphill struggle to get back into the mainstream. Their reputation is shoddier than Roman Polanski, and everyone hates that guy for raping an under-aged girl. You know your brand is in the gutter when people are more forgiving toward a pedophile.

Still, things could be worse. Microsoft didn't even have 700,000 pre-orders for the Xbox 720p, back when it was known as the NSA DRM-Spy Box. At that point, the only people who had the Xbox One pre-ordered were exhibitionists, porn producers and NSA employees... and Charlie Sheen, because he's into that kind of stuff.

After realizing that Sony had the eighth gen of gaming in the box thanks to their self-inflicted wounds, Microsoft decided to change course and do right by their investors. The company restructured, and decided to make an exchange, gaining more pre-order numbers by giving Don Mattrick to Zynga.

After causing more self-inflicted wounds than an emo-teenager, Microsoft finally got their act together enough to garner what little pre-orders they now have. As to whether or not they'll contribute greatly to EA's predicted 10 million install base number is something that remains to be seen, but we do know that they will contribute something... if it's very little. But then again, things could be worse for Microsoft, the Xbox 720p could still be getting out-sold by the OUYA.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.