I was never big on the annual rehashing of Call of Duty, but a lot of people love it. In fact, Gaming Blend's Pete Haas really dug the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and is looking forward to Black Ops 2. Well, with Activision's Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 now officially announced complete with screenshots and a trailer, EA has already started with the fanboy flamewar by instigating a war of words on Twitter. Yah, that's just what we needed, EA!

The Examiner's Scott Grill managed to scoop the quote up off of EA's global product manager Kevin O'Leary's Twitter page, where O'Leary quips...
"Poor [Black Ops 2] you look tired, you should take a year off and rest."

Oh, ahaha...

This could have been funny if it weren't a little bit sad and somewhat pathetic.

The Call of Duty hate train still keeps chugging ahead but it absolutely pales in comparison to EA, who I might add has been named the Worst Company in America, just in case you forgot.

The fanboy flamewar was thrilling when people were awaiting Battlefield 3 and hoping it would incite a flame of passion within publishers and stir up the creative juices within the hearts of developers the world around to pump out high-quality, innovative, original games. However, the actual fanboy war was just a ruse for EA to leverage Battlefield 3's market share value, enough to setup for their forthcoming FPS Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with innovation.

EA's effectively doing what Activision is doing, the only difference is that they're trying to make it like they're doing something different. As most common-sense commenters brought out, it's like the kettle calling the pot black.

Also, the biggest gripe about Call of Duty (other than being rehashed) is that it felt mostly the same with little or no innovation, but Black Ops 2 at least has mechs, flying vehicles and even more Michael Bay 'Splosions™ than you can shake a stick at. So while it's not a completely different beast it is sporting some new features and functionality. In actuality, it kind of makes you question how Medal of Honor: Warfighter will attempt to innovate in the wake of the new Black Ops 2 features?

When it was Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3 it was pretty intense and kind of fun, and Battlefield 3 really did look to own up on Modern Warfare 3. But EA wasn't nearly as despised back then the way they are now. And in lieu of all the recent crap they've been pulling -- you can just type in Electronic Arts in our search bar and bask in their news-hogging glory -- it's a little hard to root for EA this time around.

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