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Epic Games has announced that the Unreal Engine has joined up with RealD as an integrated partner in their partnership program. In addition to this, Epic has also released the latest iteration of the Unreal Development Kit with brand new features and updates.

John Matthews, Product Manager of RealD commented about the partnership, saying...
“Joining Epic’s partner program puts our technology at the fingertips of any studio interested in creating a premium 3D experience for discerning PC and console gamers,”. “This integration also benefits developers of non-gaming UE3 applications, such as training simulations, architectural visualizations, and our Hollywood studio partners looking to enhance their pre-production pipeline.”

The first game to make use of Epic's UE3 RealD support will be Seamless Entertainment's Sol Exodus for Steam on PC. The game's stereoscopic enhancement will give gamers with RealD compatible hardware the capabilities to enjoy games in...well...real 3D.

Anyways, for those of you who couldn't care less about visual gimmicks, you can look forward to some real goodies in the latest addition of the Epic UDK.

Updates have been added to make designing for mobile more convenient, including additional shader support, mesh particle stat tracking and a new scaleform HUD. In addition to that, advanced texture painting tools have been implemented, a new color grading system has also been added, making it easy to color grade scenes without detracting from the actual texture or scene lighting, and the overall Unreal Editor has been updated with a few minor bug tweaks and user compatibility options tossed in.

You can check out the full list of features over at the Unreal Website. Epic is also showcasing the upcoming FPS that is absolutely nothing like anything you've ever played before, Antichamber, on the website (it's also the game pictured in the main image above). You can learn more about the game by visiting the Official Antichamber Website. Last but not least, you can gather up more details on the tools and assets available in the UDK that makes full use of RealD by paying a visit to the Official RealD 3D Website.

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