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Smosh Games takes real shots at various games with their Honest Game trailers, and with the announcement of Fallout 4 coming this holiday season for home consoles and PC, it wasn't surprising to find out that Smosh would do an Honest Trailer and skewer the likes of Fallout 3. So check out Smosh Games' Honest Trailer for Fallout 3 below.

Smosh doesn't pull any punches with this Honest Game Trailer. They rail on the game's melty Barbie doll faces for the created characters, the drab brown and gray color scheme that became a continual complaint throughout the gaming community in the seventh gen of gaming due to a lot of games attempting to imitate the gray and brown scheme adopted by Call of Duty.

A lot of it is definitely harsh on the game, as they basically say it's a pre-Skyrim wrapped around a post-apocalyptic motif. The gameplay mechanics definitely are similar but some of the bigger differences is that the combat seemed slightly more engaging than Skyrim only because of the VAT system.

But speaking of the VAT system, they drill into it in Fallout 3 questioning what it is exactly. The system focuses on giving players the ability to key into firing on specific parts of some enemies and chipping away at their health or armor, or alternatively you can just aim for the head and attempt to blast their noggin to pieces.

It's funny how they questioning how players are able to slow down or stop time to precision aim on the body parts of foes. Usually when this happens in games it's a special mechanic since slowing down the time to pick a body part to attack is considered a cheat move in many other games. In the case of Max Payne you had a small meter that depleted when the Bullet-Time was activated.

Even still, Fallout 3 contained so many rich gameplay and interactive experiences, a lot of the problems, bugs and glitches were overlooked to some degree by the gaming community. It's no different with the Grand Theft Auto games. I mean, to this day I still don't know how PS3 gamers played GTA IV when that game was so poorly optimized and the frame-rate was barely hitting 23fps at times. That kind of frame inconsistency would have driven me right mad. Yet, the game was good enough for a lot of gamers that they overlooked the frame-rate, almost similar to how Fallout 3's bugs – some of which were fixed by modders – weren't the center of attention because the game was labeled as being righteous fun.

With Fallout 4 hopefully Bethesda has a cleaner, more stable launch for the game and the bugs are kept to a minimum.

As for Fallout 3, I really liked how they ended the video by calling it Mad Max: Beyond Morrorwind.
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