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Fallout 4 will be set in Boston, according to a Reddit tipster. He also adds that the game will be influenced by Bethesda's most recent RPG, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Boston setting was also rumored back in August by another Reddit user. Today's tipster, who supposedly got his information from a source at Bethesda's PR department, also reiterates that the Institute will be a major faction in Boston. The Institute, created by remnants of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, now specializes in creating Androids.

These Androids are an important part of the game's plot according to the new tipster. The Plantation is a group that forces them to farm in order to supply humans with foods. The Railroad, a faction introduced in Fallout 3 who tries to free these replicants, will make a return.

These new factions will have more of a presence than the Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel. Apparently Bethesda wants to avoid overusing those two groups. As such, they won't be a big part of F4.

Bethesda is apparently adding another post-apocalyptic race to the mix. This new race will be inspired by H.P. Lovecraft fiction. The way the rumor is worded, this will be a sentient race rather than just a new group of monsters. I don't doubt we'd see a Lovecraftian monster or two, though.

The progression system from Fallout 4 may be closer to Skyrim, in that you level up specific skills by using them. However, Bethesda is treading a fine line here because they don't want the game to be too similar to Skyrim. Does that mean they're keeping perks, then?

This is the second Fallout 4 rumor this week. On Wednesday, the actor who played "Three Dog" in Fallout 3 teased a new Fallout game.

Update: It seems this latest bundle of rumors is all a hoax. Sorry for getting anyone's hopes up.