Activision has released a fresh set of screens for Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. The latest screenshot gallery focuses on another group of random enemies that Stewie and Brian must gun down on their quest through alternate dimensions.

This time around, the duo is fighting pirates. They're a very sensitive group of pirates who admonish land-lubbers not to judge them by the color of their beard. Nonetheless, they're pirates and by video game law must be killed in cold blood.

Stewie and Brian's quest to stop Betram will force them to fight a wide variety of enemies. Previous screenshots have shown them fighting frat brothers, the Amish, and the handicapped. They'll also battle some space chickens.

Multiverse will debut in North America on November 20th. The European launch will follow on the 23rd. The game'll be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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