One of the most exciting games coming out isn't even a real big budget game, it's a total conversion standalone expansion pack based on Far Cry 3 and it's just so freaking cool. Dean Evans and the crew at Ubisoft have worked their butts off on a passion project called Blood Dragon and they unleashed a new gameplay walkthrough video that is just ripe with all kinds of awesome.

From the terri-bad VHS tracking that used to give people headaches galore (or would be the result of having to pause a movie mid-way through and fondle the tracking buttons when the tape would get some static showing in the middle of the screen) to the neon glow of the era that was defined by music video directing and excessive over-indulgence, Blood Dragon is the perfect throwback venture to a bygone time of entertainment excellence.

I loved the 80s...the music, the movies, the cartoons, the look, the aesthetic – it was awesome. I'm glad that Evans and crew understood what it was that many old-school pop-culture fans enjoyed about that time and have worked hard in bringing it to fruitful life with the budget priced standalone expansion.

Even more than that, Ubisoft has gone and done right by PC gamers by allowing an exclusive retail edition that comes with a poster and soundtrack. Yes, console gamers won't get the exclusive retail edition like PC gamers, that's some crazy stuff right there. I know I hated Ubisoft's DRM and I don't like Uplay and I hated that they lied about the piracy statistics, but they really are trying to win the PC Master Race back with niceties and it just might work.

I don't know about anyone else, but I might consider getting the retail edition just to get my hands on that, that is awesome.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is set for release on May 1st digitally for $14.99 and will be available exclusively at retail for PC beginning May 3rd.

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