Ubisoft has sent out another installment of their Far Cry 3 "Island Survival Guide." This latest video introduces Hoyt Volker, one of the many villains you'll encounter in this open-world shooter.

Volker is involved in human and drug trafficking. He's backed up by a heavily-armed, well-trained mercenary army. You'll strike at his operations by rescuing the helpless people he's captured and blowing up his drug stockpiles.

Eventually you'll take out Volker himself. This won't be an easy task, though. You'll have to parachute into his walled compound and then take on his entire entourage by yourself. Fortunately you're bad-ass enough to be able to shoot an assault rifle while sliding, so you should be able to handle this mission.

FC3 is one of the last major releases of this holiday season. You'll have to wait until December 4th to get it in North America. Europe and the UK will get it on November 29th and 30th, respectively.

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