The latest trailer for Far Cry 4 has gone live. Majority of the trailer is snippets of gameplay taken from the live E3 demo that took place back in the mid part of June. Of course, the trailer isn't just a rehash of recently released content, Ubisoft also peppers in some new gameplay moments for first-person shooter fans to get excited about.

Majority of the trailer is just a promotional puff piece. We see a lot of what was already demoed on the stage but overlayed with praise from major gaming outlets. It's all quick and snappy and set to the tune of some outlandish music, perfectly suited for what the gameplay will undoubtedly be like... based on the trailers anyway.

In addition to stuff we've already been introduced to, we also get to see plenty of other neat things like more of the crossbow in action (but not by much). We get to see the double-barreled shotgun taking down and taking out enemies, as well as some of the gun emplacements scattered around the bases.

The trailer definitely puts a lot of focus on vehicular combat and being able to aim, shoot and drive at the same time. I just hope they do a better job of returning this feature than how it was done in the original Far Cry on PC and the first Xbox game console. It was pretty difficult aiming and driving at the same time, especially in first person.

In the video trailers they seem to make it look pretty easy being able to whip out a grenade launcher and blow up an enemy helicopter while flying around in a gyrocopter. There's a ton of potential fun to be had in vehicles like that in an open-world.

The funny thing about is that the game shows a strong similitude to Just Cause 2, from the vehicles to the over-the-top explosive action; we see a lot of fast-paced action happening on screen in an almost first-person view of Avalanche Studios' popular action series.

The trailer also firmly establishes that the main villain is definitely Indo-Asian, so there's no confusion about any perceived racism from a villain coming into uncharted territory and trying to be a dictator.

One of the other things that the trailer teases is the wildlife. For anyone who played Far Cry 3, they would know that the ecosystem allowed for animals versus the humans and humans versus the animals and everyone versus everyone. That feature will return in full for Far Cry 4 and this time they're adding some brand new animals into the mix.

So far there's been a lot of positive coverage for Far Cry 4 after Ubisoft eventually cleared the air and gave the game a proper demonstration at E3. It's likely that it could be another surprise smash hit of the fall when it does release on home consoles and PC.

You can check out the pre-order bonuses here or learn more about Far Cry 4 by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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