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Here comes a new challenger! As part of today's Street Fighter V update, the team at Capcom has introduced playable character Alex to the mix. You can get to know him a bit better through his introduction trailer, featuring a look at his special moves, V-Skill, etc.

Originally joining the Street Fighter roster back in Street Fighter 3, the brutish brawler known as Alex has returned to Street Fighter V with some new takes on his old moves.

A beefier, slower fighter, you can really feel the impact when Alex lands a haymaker or a sweeping kick. Throw in a headbutt, some punishing body slams and a couple of devastating aerial attacks, and its easy to see why this well-rounded brawler has fans excited to see him returning to the mix.

As mentioned above, the arrival of Alex is just one part of the March update for Street Fighter V. They certainly cut it close with this one since, you know, the month is all but over. Still, Alex hit the SFV scene today alongside the new in-game shop. The crazy thing is that the shop's currency that can be purchased with real world money isn't available yet, so everyone will be able to take Alex for a spin for a limited time.

As Capcom has stated in the past, though, that's the plan for all DLC characters leading up to the full launch of the shop. You'll get to play with the fighters and see who you like than, once the shop fully opens, buy the ones you like. You'll be able to either do that with Zenny, which you'll buy with actual cash, or Fight Money, which can be earned by playing the game. Again, as promised, if you play the game enough, you'll be able to buy all add-on content with Fight Money and never have to spend another dime.

We know that costumes will set you back 40,000 Fight Money while characters will go for a cool 100,000 Fight Money, if that helps you figure out what you can currently afford.

We're happy to see Capcom sticking to their original plan with Street Fighter V, allowing players options when it comes to enjoying post-launch content. Most importantly, however, is the fact that regular updates like the one seen today will make up the entire future of the game. Rather than have a slightly newer version of Street Fighter V launch annually for the next several years, all changes will be plugged into this single game, thus keeping from segmenting the player base.

So, have any of our readers taken Alex for a spin in Street Fighter V yet? Let us know what you think of him in the comments below.

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