Street Fighter 5 For PC Didn't Do So Hot In Its First Week Of Sales

It looks like Capcom’s latest fighting game, Street Fighter V, isn’t doing so hot on PC. According to the latest figures, the game has barely moved more than 100,000 units in its first couple of weeks on virtual shelves.

These figures come do us via Steam Spy, who is reporting that Street Fighter V has only sold 106,589 copies since launching on Steam a little over a week ago. That figure apparently has a margin of error for just over 7,000 units, so it’s probably not too far off the mark. That’s…well, that’s not a whole lot of copies. By comparison, Fire Emblem Fates launched last Friday and, according to Nintendo, that game shipped 300,000 copies in its first weekend along. We’re not exactly comparing apples and oranges here, but since Fire Emblem launched around the same time as Street Fighter V, we can at least rule out the possibility that people just forgot that video games existed for a week.

Unfortunately, we don’t have console sales figures for Street Fighter V on the PlayStation 4 just yet but, if I had to make a guess, those numbers will likely make up for the game’s poor performance on PC. I’d wager that most folks are playing the game in front of the TV, not the monitor. Then again, some pretty rough early reviews for Street Fighter V has it pegged as a pretty buggy mess at times, and there’s also the fact that an expected mode or two are missing. Maybe folks are just waiting for the game to stabilize before jumping in?

To further drive home how poorly the game is doing on Steam, the stats include the fact that the peak number of concurrent Street Fighter V players yesterday was just 6,329. Again, that’s not a great figure for a competitive multiplayer game that launched just a couple of weeks ago.

Far be it for us to judge, but we’ve got to stop and wonder why Capcom didn’t promote the PC version of Street Fighter V as heavily as the PlayStation 4 version. They kept billing it as a PS4 “exclusive” in the early goings, then sort of mumbled under their breath that it was also coming to PC. Given the shoddy state that the PC version of the game is in, it’s possible that early warning signs made it clear that the PC version of the game was going to have a rough launch, but now we’re straying completely into the realm of conjecture.

So tell us, readers, did you pick up Street Fighter V for PC? If so, how has your experience been so far? If not, and you were originally planning to, what has kept you from pulling the trigger? Let us know in the comments section below.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.