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Virtual reality gaming is wildly popular right now and has taken the gaming community by storm. And in the spirit of the innovative method of gaming, The Bunker is a horror game that focuses on live-action to bring its thrills and chills. Developer Splendy Games has released a trailer to show off the live-action horror game. You can check it out below.

If you’ve ever thought narrative-heavy games felt like playing through a movie, well The Bunker makes its gaming experience feel much more like a movie in an incredibly different way. The point of The Bunker is to take control of John and thoroughly explore the bunker. You must solve the mystery of what happened by finding clues and using that sharp logic of yours to put the pieces together.

The writers for The Bunker all hail from impressive projects like SOMA and The Witcher, so as someone who is obsessed with narrative in games, I have high expectations. The very first game I ever played that had live-action content in it was Alan Wake, where during gameplay, a live-action scene would play on the television. At the time, I didn’t get the appeal. But today, with such things as Her Story and the live-action bit in Quantum Break, it seems to be making quite a ruckus in the game development community. I know virtual reality is currently the future of gaming, but maybe so is live-action. You really have to wonder what happens if you combine the two, or if that’s even possible.

The Bunker doesn’t have an official release date nor any confirmed release platforms. All we know is that more than likely it’s releasing on to consoles and mobile sometime later this summer. For more information, you can visit The Bunker’s official website.

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