The first official Wii U commercial has become available for general viewing thanks to the video being uploaded to YouTube. The commercial does a nice job of showcasing all the games, gameplay features and GamePad capabilities in just a minute's time. But the best part about the commercial? Brad Pitt.

Pitt's dynamic performance leading into the Wii U's first UK commercial is undeniably top notch, thanks to uploader Neil Wheatley and MyNintendoNews. We get a brief pouty-lipped Pitt trying to make us care about whatever it was he wanted us to care about before the cheery-voiced Brit pops into the picture with all that Wii U goodness. But really, without Pitt, the commercial would be nothing. The less-than-a-second appearance makes it all worthwhile.

You can check the video out below (due to all the legal threatening going around lately regarding early released stuff, we have the YouTube embed up instead of the Springboard, so if it goes away you know why.)

That was actually a pretty good commercial. In fact, I think that commercial actually ties-in further with the concept of Nintendo focusing the Wii U for core gamers than casual gamers. There was no talk about social integration, no mention of Nintendoland or the MiiVerse and it was solely propped up with showcasing the hottest and latest core titles. This almost goes back to what EA was mentioning just a short while ago, that the Wii U will actually appeal to twitch gamers and Nintendo is serious about focusing on the hardcore crowd.

I have to say that the commercial was very impressive, but it doesn't overshadow what's still happening regarding the Wii U and the Foxconn child labor scandal, it's still something that kicks its way to the forefront of a discussion when thinking about Nintendo's latest console going on sale at a retailer near you once November rolls around.

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