If you haven't yet had your fill of all of these summer discounts, collections and sales, then you might want to mosey on over to Xbox Live Arcade and check out the “Arcade: Action Packed Bundle.” It's offering up five indie darlings from the beat-everything-up category for just 1600 Microsoft Points.

All five of the games in the Action Packed Bundle (And yes, there should probably be a hyphen in there somewhere), come from the beat-em-up genre, or at least near enough to be considered close relatives. If you're into brawlers like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage, you'll likely find plenty to enjoy here. As a reminder on the bundle info page, already owning any of these games doesn't earn you an additional discount. It's a 1600 MSP price tag for the collection, so you might want to do some creative math if you already own one or two of the games to see if the discount is still worth it.

Now, let's take a look at those games.

First up is The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, the edgy, noir brawler featuring black and white aesthetics and plenty of red being smeared all over the place as you slice hideous vampires to ribbons.

Game number two is none other than Bloodforge, which takes the beat-em-up genre into a third dimension, giving you plenty of enemies and giant bosses to eviscerate with a massive sword.

The third game in the bundle is Dungeon Fighter Live, which takes a more direct influence from the previously mentioned genre classics as it lets four players explore a side-scrolling world overrun with baddies in need of a sound thrashing.

Fourth is Island of Wackfu, the decidedly least violent game in the lot featuring a whimisical world, bright and colorful aesthetics and, yes, plenty of critters to pulverize. Only now you'll be doing said pulverizing in an adorable RPG-esque setting.

Finally, there's Unbound Saga, the brawler that takes place inside a comic book and lets up to two-players unleash an “Oomf”-tastic beatdown on hundreds of hoodlums and gangsters.

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