There are a lot of gamers out there looking to get into the new generation of gaming, but feel like they need a game to truly justify their next-gen purchase. Despite some critical acclaim, Forza 5 quickly went from the game many felt exemplified “next-gen” to a game that felt like it was the epitome of what this new generation of gaming should not be about.

Speaking with IGN, Turn 10 Studios' creative director Dan Greenwalt came to the defense of his game, claiming that the reason the team didn't add many new features from Forza 4 or have as many cars or have as many tracks or have weather was because of resources, time and they didn't want to port over “garbage”.

IGN took note of Greenwalt's bulwark for Forza Motorsport 5, as the creative director acknowledged and defended himself against one of the game's more prevalent criticisms, saying...
“People in the community were saying we cut things, or removed things,” … “We removed nothing. We rebuilt the game from scratch.”

“Some things were actually in a bad state,” … “Our Nürburgring was wildly inaccurate, embarrassingly so. And so that one absolutely had to be thrown out. But the Nürburgring is of course a very important track. So for a track like that to come back, it has to be done right. We’re not going to bring over last-gen stuff, that’s just not good enough for our fans. I believe I owe it to them to give them a next-gen experience.”

“Cars had to be rebuilt to next-gen spec, we’re not going to port over garbage.”

And yet all that rebuilding had to be downgraded.

Take into mind that Forza Motorsport 5 from E3 – the one that was rebuilt from the ground up and looked marvelous when its gameplay was first unveiled – is not the Forza Motorsport 5 that gamers are playing right at this very moment. They're two very different games.

They essentially were paid to gimp their own game.

Worse yet is that all that talk about not porting over “garbage” and yet they port over garbage 2D cardboard cutout crowds from the PlayStation 2 era to replace the 3D crowds they originally had...


Essentially, the assets they actually built for next-gen aren't even the ones they're using. The 3D crowd was scrapped so they could use asset techniques from two generations ago!

I guess Greenwalt was right, they aren't porting over garbage from seventh gen, they're porting over garbage from sixth gen.

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