You just bought a $500 console. You just bought a $60 game. You played through a couple hours and realize you really want that fancy Formula One car, but it'll set you back by $50 in microtransaction tokens, and you can't get there the normal way, so you pay out an additional $10 for extra XP. Congratulations, you just paid $120 to buy the game and then pay extra to skip through its content and then pay extra to access content that was already on the disc.

Now pro-corporate shills will tell you “You don't own everything on the disc; the developers had to pay extra to include that stuff; it never would have been there without a secondary budget!” well that argument may have worked for Unicorns Stole My Virginity on the iOS, but only an idiot would buy into the above argument. A lot of the cars already designed and made in Forza 4 are now included but restricted behind a paywall in Forza 5. The “extra development costs” argument is void here since this stuff was already designed. Unless there's a new "recycler's fee" we don't know about?

Gamereactor does a good job of breaking down the Euro to token ratio, where they explain how tokens can be used to buy extra goods from the microtransaction store. The thing is, Forza 5 isn't free-to-play and all those locked cars in the game are already on the disc... it's not extra content, it's disc-locked content. Oh yeah, you all remember disc-locked content, don't you?

That queasy feeling you're getting in your stomach right now? That's the stench of greed making you noxious.

Turn 10 Studios' creative director Dan Greenwalt spoke to ShackNews about the angry gamer base who was livid about the day-one, disc-locked content and exorbitant prices attached to the cash shop – something most gamers would expect from a wallet-gouging, free-to-play, Korean-knockoff of World of Warcraft. Greenwalt's excuse is that everything in Forza Motorsport 5 had to be built from the ground up for the Xbox One due to the new technology, saying...
“Obviously, we did not cut anything from Forza Motorsport 5, as we had to build it all from the ground up. All 35+ gigs of it. We started the game a year before Forza 4 shipped in order to give us the time to build the game we wanted to build, and to define racing for the new generation.”


The incremental upgrade from Forza 4 to Forza 5 is laughable. The game is still using prebaked shadows. Why would you need to rebuild the engine for that feature from the ground up when you've been using them on the 360 all this time?

The game's car assets aren't even from the highest level of detail and they've been scaled back to cut down on the amount of polygons being processed on screen. How is this an upgrade? And the worst sin of all is that the game has actually been downgraded to run on the Xbox One. Why on Earth would you re-build all your car assets when the 360 couldn't handle them at their highest level of detail and the Xbox One can't handle them at the highest level of detail? Wouldn't it have been smart to use the high-end models that the 360 couldn't handle for the Xbox One version of the game? This means one of two things: The art managers are extremely stupid and wasteful when it comes to asset management, or Greenwalt isn't being honest.

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