At this year’s E3 Microsoft let the monkey out of the cage; pulled the rabbit out of the hat; and squeezed the juice out of the can when they finally let loose Forza 3 to the general public.

In correlation with the promotional train that left the station in early June there has been all kinds of media, screenshots and announcements regarding Forza Motorsport 3. Just recently two new trailers have surfaced for public viewing, which means you can take a look at them right here at Blend Games.

The new trailers are a showcase for what Forza 3 will bring to the racing simulator table, including an even more enhanced car livery editor, more detailed paint-jobs, better physics, more cars and even more community support. You could basically paint Forza 3 as a picture of Forza 2 with the word ‘MORE’ plastered all over the place. Really, it’s just more of the racing goodness gamers have come to love.

You can check out the two new videos below or visit the Official Forza Motorsport Website for more info on the game. Forza 3 is due out exclusively for the Xbox 360 this October. For more gaming news, info, updates and media, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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