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This Fox News Mass Effect fiasco gets even more ridiculous each morning I check in on the latest happenings. Today we’re getting word that Fox News has extended an invite to EA, but the request has gone unanswered. Considering how blatantly false the claims on Fox News’ airwaves were about Mass Effect, there’s nothing more that needs to be done than a formal apology and retraction.

Listen, if anyone is going to try and claim that game journalism has little to no standards, and thus shouldn’t be considered “real” news reporting, then that same person should no longer accept Fox News as a news organization. If they want to become the National Enquirer channel, I’m fine with that. This is a case where any effort, like standard research done by every reporter in the field of broadcast journalism, would have resulted in a very different show. This was sensationalistic war mongering at its dirtiest.

Over at MTV’s Multiplayer Blog Stephen Totilo heard back from Fox News who told him they had sent EA “several invitations” to appear on the channel to discuss Mass Effect. As of this moment there has been no response.

Whether or not EA vice president of corporate communications, Jeff Brown, appears on Fox News to boost their ratings is irrelevant. He doesn’t have to show up because EA has done nothing wrong. Fox News should look into employing fact checkers, that could alleviate any future problems they might have with slanderous commentary. We’ll keep you posted on anything happening in the Mass Effect debacle.
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