Tecmo has released the debut trailer for their upcoming music-based platformer and it looks like gamers will have a rocking good time when it releases in 2010. Did I happen to mention that this is for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network?

Seriously, though, for this to be a “lesser” title by Tecmo, it looks really fun. The concept follows traditional side-scrolling, platform action but with a twist. Players will utilize musical instruments and jamming riffs to let loose various effects on enemies. Based on the trailer it looks like the game supports two simultaneous players at once, which will only make the experience that much more fun.

The emo art-style and fluid animations will be sure to win over most gamers, not to mention that the original soundtrack and music-based themes will also play a pretty big part in that, too. We’ll continue to keep you posted on any new updates regarding Fret Nice. The game is due out in early 2010 for the PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. For more gaming news, info and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

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