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Nick Peterson Demo Reel 2013 from Nick Peterson on Vimeo.

We haven't seen or heard from Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 in quite some time. In fact, the last the game was spoken of was a year ago around this very same time, when Gearbox made it known that Furious 4 would no longer be attached to the Brothers in Arms franchise and that it would become its own property. Well, today a new FX reel reveals that the game seems to still be in development.

Former Kotaku front man, Brian Crecente, tossed up a news bit on >Polygon after someone tipped them off to the FX reel. The collage contains other games from Gearbox's illustrious line-up of shooters and high-end AAA titles because it all comes from special effects wizard, Nick Peterson, a contract worker within the always exciting but equally volatile gaming industry.

I imagine work may or may not be too stead for Peterson and he has a reel to pitch his talents to other studios who might be hiring? I don't know. Don't read too much into that because we don't need Peterson fanboys bombarding us on Twitter or whatever.

Nick did post a brief description about the trailer and his work on the Vimeo page, stating...
Here is my demo reel for 2013, including Borderlands 2, Borderlands 2 DLC, Furious Four, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and various simulations done while working at Gearbox Software. The effects seen above are my work as well as that of the FX team.

Of course, with Furious 4 leading all the other AAA games in that reel it leaves many gamers questioning “So what's up with Furious 4 and when can we get our Nazi killing FPS action on?” Well young mass-virtual-nationalist-killer-to-be, you'll be waiting a while because Gearbox has not yet secured a publisher for Furious 4. Given their recent pedigree of outsourcing, contract conflagrations and IP brandishing blight from a game whose name I won't name (but that link says it all), it may be a tough-sell for Gearbox to secure financing and distribution.

As for Furious 4... you know, in that clip above the game looked like a lot of mindless fun. So I can't throw any complaints around based on that. The game didn't win over any fans when it first came onto the scene a few years ago, but after everyone had time to unrustle their Jimmies and calm down, the game is looking all right.

Whether or not Gearbox Software can save face and not be looked at as scheming thieves is a whole other discussion, but let's hope all that swindling and legal swinging that they did to get Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marine made didn't damage the chances of Furious 4 getting a release at some point... assuming the game is good.

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