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G4, the upper-tier cable channel formerly dedicated to video games, nerd culture and reruns of Cops, is finally being re-launched as the Esquire Network on April 22.

The beginning of the end came from G4 in 2012 when the channel was officially dropped from DirecTV. Further tidings of doom and gloom came in the form of long-time host and G4 personality Adam Sessler getting the ax during the spring. Once Attack of the show host Kevin Pereira followed his cohort out the door, it became clear that something was a-brewing behind the scenes.

Late last year it was announced that NBCUniversal was in talks with Hearst Magazines for a possible re-branding of the G4 network, which had been struggling for a number of years. Today, The New York Times is reporting that the new deal has been made final and, come April 22, G4 will officially become the Esquire Network.

As rumored late last year, however, the focus of the channel will be to target 20-30-something males in the market for a more “sophisticated” lineup of programming. Network GM Adam Stotsky told The Times that the Esquire Network would target “the modern man, what being a man today is all about.”

“Much of today’s programming targets men in a one-dimensional way,” Stotsky continued, referring to such programs as “down-market shows” featuring tattoos, pawn shops, storage lockers and hillbillies.

The Esquire Network will broadcast programming featuring cars, politics, fashion, travel and even cooking. Knife Fight, one of the network’s first shows, is all about after-hour cook-offs while The Getaway features celebrities traveling the world.

If that sounds like programming you can get behind, look for G4 to become the Esquire Network on cable and satellite starting this April.