GTA 5 Online Cargo Plane Jump Is The Second Greatest Thing I've Watched Today

By now, GTA Online drivers have pulled off thousands of great jumps with their cars. Very few, however, have pulled off a jump hundreds of feet above Los Santos.

In the new video from GTAMissions, a player drives his car back-and-forth between two cargo planes flying next to each other. I'm not sure who's the more impressive driver: the guy in the car or the two airplane pilots keeping their wings aligned.

"Is this the next fast n furious??" said one YouTube commenter.

Eventually, though, the wheelman's luck runs out. He lands a jump at a weird angle and then plummets to the ground below. Fortunately he and his car survive the fall. I guess Rockstar didn't program the collision system with that sort of fall in mind?

It's a great video but you can find even better stuff in the archives of the same YouTube channel. For example, they did another plane-to-plane stunt back in January that puts this one to shame. In the older video, a player drives off a cargo plane in a car. He then leaps out and pulls open his parachute. Thanks in part to some skilled flying from the pilot, he manages to glide back onto the plane.

While there are plenty of GTA Online players doing deathmatches and races, it seems like just as many gamers are making their own fun. YouTube is filled to the brim with all sorts of great videos created by GTAO players exploring the limits of what's possible in the vast, open world of the game. A couple other recent highlights from the YouTube community include remakes of the Skyfall train scene and the Purge: Anarchy.

Rockstar said in the past that GTA Online's future will be decided by the players. I'm starting to see what they mean. Rockstar is producing new content for the game, including the much-requested co-op heists. Players are going to get sick of this new content faster than Rockstar can create it, though. Player-driven activities like the hijinks seen above or the missions built by the community are the main reasons that the game will stay active in the months and years ahead.

You can find other stunt videos as well as walkthroughs at GTAmissions' YouTube channel.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.